Beautiful tipis that bring the venue of your dreams to any location


The Kata is a tipi style tent based on those used by the reindeer herding Sami people of Lapland. Each tent consists of nine wooden poles that form a nonagon shape. The canvas is fully waterproof and fireproof.


What to hire

One Kata tipi (sometimes called a Giant Hat) measures 10.3 metres in diameter with its sides down. With its sides up it measures 13metres.  It is this ability to raise the sides that allows for the linking of multiple tents thus creating a larger space.

One tipi has the capacity for 72 people seated and 64 with seating and dance floor with a maximum dimension of 13 metres by 13 metres.

Two tipis has the capacity for 120 people seated and with dance floor, bar area and the possibility of a fire with a maximum dimension of 21.7 meters x 10.3 metres.

Note: In the summer months this increases to 120- 160 people seated 23.1metres x 13 metres.



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