Eco Friendly Wedding table ideas.
One of our favourite things from the many weddings we supported in 2019 was Sherin’s use of Golden syrup tins for her wildflowers.

With the environment in mind we have been compiling ourselves eco friendly and low carbon footprint accessories and ideas. There are many fantastic ideas on Etsy and Pinterest to give you inspiration.
5 ideas you can generate yourself for no extra cost.
1. For the wedding table, and inspired by Sherin, reusing your
basic tin can, mustard tin, syrup tins and any other printed tin is a low impact flower vessel that also saves you money. Ask friends and family to keep any interesting tins they have lurking in the larder.

2. Likewise using old gin bottles or wine bottles as well as the classic jam jar serves the same purpose. Using British products in the first instance means you really are reducing carbon footprint as well as recycling.

3. Find out who amongst your friends and family who has the best handwriting and use recycled paper slotted into corks saved through the year.

4. Most caterers will bring glassware but if you are supplying your own you can do so for free from Sainsburys and Waitrose.

5. If you are having cut flowers, try to source British grown. Alternatively, you can take cuttings through the year from a variety of herbs and succulents and pot in small clay pots or washed out tin cans. They will look great and can be given out to your guests to take home.